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Holy shit there might be something wrong with this guy

Hi. My name is Lestat and I'm what happens when you don't stay in school. I'm a 26 year old trans guy, I love Online, and I'm an exceedingly well-adjusted member of society (citation needed).

I'm super into music, and I like to draw, write fanfiction, play video games, and sew. I also like Neocities, fucking obviously. My introduction to Online was through Neopets, where I learned some vague beginner HTML, and somehow that led to this. I already post a ton of random bullshit on social media, but now I can CURATE it, which is special.

I didn't record this video but spiritually I am always doing this







Really Good Bands

Sound Horizon // My Chemical Romance // Motionless in White // 45 Grave // Angelfish // Nine Inch Nails // The Dresden Dolls // Get Scared // Three Days Grace // Evanescence // Bauhaus // Sisters of Mercy // Malice Mizer // Suspiria // Dir en Grey // Nocturnal Bloodlust // Misfits // Ghost // Tool // Genitorturers...
*egotistical voice* and motherfucking BLOODFORMS!