Three Cheers for Sweet Blogging!

June 8, 2023

Finally got the blog portion of this site whipped somewhat into shape. I wasn't too happy about the previous entries, so I axed them. Hopefully in the future I'll have a strong idea of the direction I want to take the blog - I'm a notorious male Tumblr girlie, so I'm too used to using blogging as sort of a long-form Twitter deal. Obviously running a blog like this is a much different affair. Maybe miniature essays, or something.

Lately, while I've been on and off Neocities, I've been reading a lot of EmetWoL on AO3, especially after completing the EmetWoL prompt week from Twitter this year. If it wasn't obvious already, I really like Emet-Selch and EmetWol, so it's not coming from a place of pure hater energy, but I've been kind of stunned at how, like...misogynist a lot of this fanfiction is. I'd like to organize my thoughts and write a little about it in the future, because there are some really unfortunate patterns in some of these narratives, and it's's not serving idk lmao.

I've also been getting really into Motionless in White, which is better and more fun to talk about than sexist fanfiction. My friend Eli played me some of their music this February when they visited me and we went to the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in St. Louis, while we were on the highway, and since then I've slowly been listening to more and more of their music. It's really fucking good! I'm really into screamo so that's probably no real surprise, but I particularly appreciate the lyrics, I think they do really well in inhabiting that space between like, kind of campy and sincere. I've been listening to a little more Bring Me the Horizon, too, but I feel like I'm more partial to Motionless in White - not that Bring Me the Horizon isn't good, of course, but I don't feel nearly as much like I'm enthusiastic about Every Song I Hear From Them.

I feel like I've learned a lot from putting this little blog layout together here (it's far more "from scratch" than any other area of the site), and I'm planning to reuse a layout like this for the fanfic section of the site, once I get it together. Probably book club, too, although I think that's going to need some serious overhaul. I have to admit I'm actually dreading reading more of 50 Shades so much that I might call that particular project off. I fucking hate those books so much lmaooooo

One final consideration is the scrollbar situation on these iframes. I'm a Firefox user (Fuck Google), and if you're a Firefox user too you immediately know what I'm talking about. Custom scrollbar formatting doesn't work the way it does in most browsers because webkit CSS hacks don't work in Firefox. There's apparently some standardized CSS for scrollbar styling nowadays, but I haven't managed to get it to work, so the scrollbars on here are going to be yucky for a while. I don't really like that - I wish I could make them cute and pink - but I'll figure something out, eventually.

That's all for now, I think! I'll try to keep the blog updated as frequently as I can, provided I remember.