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completed works


Little Jade Stone: Final Fantasy XIV | Gen | Teen | 1,177 Words | Published 5 Jul 2023
Warnings: Implied child abuse
Pfeil is tasked with searching for Toddia’s heart stone. He is accompanied by that damned Ascian’s daughter, who does not particularly like him. Featuring Schgain's character Miranda Foigel / Asterion wir Galvus, protagonist of In Loco Parentis.

Crescendo, Decrescendo: Final Fantasy XIV | M/M | Explicit | 1,617 Words | Published 21 Jun 2023
Warnings: Face-slapping in BDSM context
Pfeil plays at being Emet-Selch's clockwork musician.

Jilted: Final Fantasy XIV | M/M | Explicit | 2,022 Words | Published 14 Jun 2023
Warnings: Violence, dehumanization, Zenos being Zenos
On Zenos' unrequited love for the Warrior of Light.

Knight Brave and True: Final Fantasy XIV | M/M | Mature | 1,122 Words | Published 6 Jun 2023
Warnings: Heavy drinking, implied past CSA
Emet-Selch comes upon the Warrior of Light in his cups, and decides to give him a hand.

Looking-Not-Looking: Final Fantasy XIV | M/M-ish | Explicit | 479 Words | Published 25 May 2023
Warnings: Violence
On a stroll through Rak'tika, Pfeil looks at Emet-Selch's face and remembers.

Time Means Nothing: Final Fantasy XIV | M/M | Mature | 10,820 Words | Completed 21 May 2023
Warnings: Suicidal ideation, ableism, implied child abuse/neglect
A collection of oneshots written to satisfy prompts for the 2023 EmetWoL Week on Twitter.


Lie to Me: Final Fantasy XIV | M/M | Mature | 1,177 Words | Published 14 Sep 2022
Warnings: Implied/referenced self-harm
After a dalliance with the Warrior of Light in Rak'tika, Emet-Selch thinks to approach him near Twine, during the search for Amh Araeng's Lightwarden. They have much to talk about, and very little to say.