Pfeil Nehwa, Warrior of Light, is pulled across the rift in service of preventing the Eighth Umbral Calamity. Try as he might to wear it, the mantle of savior has begun to fit him increasingly ill, and he is unsure how much longer he can bear the weight.

An M/M Emet/WoL focused retelling of Shadowbringers. Updates (hopefully) on the 1st and 15th of every month on AO3, and whenever I recall to publish here.

Warnings: This fic deals heavily with depictions of mental illness, including self-injurous and suicidal behaviors and discussion of trauma caused by incestuous abuse. In addition, it contains explicit depictions of consensual sex. Individual chapters will be affixed with warnings for particularly triggering content or smut where applicable, but please read with caution!

Chapter Index

Chapter 1: The Fall

Chapter 2: Morning Glory

Chapter 3: A Gracious Host

Chapter 4: The Cabinet of Curiosity

Chapter 5: Would-be Heroes

Chapter 6: Taking Flight

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