Congratulations, Kindred. You're in.

What's Schrecknet?
Schrecknet is a webring for fans of Vampire: the Masquerade to connect and show off their Clan pride!

What's a webring?
A webring is a list of related sites that all link to one another. Back in the day, they were how people found interesting sites and like-minded people. This one is powered by onionring.js.

Does Schrecknet have any rules?
No hard and fast ones. Be nice - don't apply if your site is full of cruel or hateful content. Don't be rude to fellow webring members. Oh, and uphold the Masquerade, of course. (Unless you're not in the Camarilla, I guess.)

How do I join Schrecknet?
Send an email to with the following information:

Subject line: "I'd like to join Schrecknet!" (or something like that, I'm not your dad)
Message: Within the email, include your name, clan, website link, and a short description of yourself and/or your site. I'll add you to the members list as soon as I'm able!

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