Schrecknet's Most Notorious Kindred

  Lestat | link to site   
Schrecknet's surprisingly-not-Nossie ringmaster. Just your typical friendly neighborhood internet-addicted Malk. (But watch out! ^-^)

  Emile | link to site   
A Ventrue who curates a startling collection of toys. Best not to find out whether they really run on Kindred blood.

  Gabriel | link to site   
An Anarch to the core, this Toreador enjoys spending a little too much time spreading rebellion online, and courting a rather infamous Brujah.

  Dorian | link to site   
A Toreador with a less-than-perfect personal site. Dig around, you're sure to find something to do eventually.

  Vurren | link to site   
A Malkavian with a penchant for funny animals and doing literally anything it wants on its site. The Madness Network keeps giving it new ideas it'll never work on. . .

  Grauline | link to site   
A private, reclusive Nosferatu that weaves stories of Southern vampires and curates a collection of fragrances.

  Mora | link to site   
A Gangrel Antitribu with a penchant for point & click games, drum & bass, and slasher films, and an ironic distaste for overly bloody food.

  Hunter | link to site   
A hunter with a love for TTRPGs, roguelikes, Sonic, being a spiteful bastard, and cheap lunch specials.

  Ashton | link to site   
A perpetually in-progress personal site managed by a perpetually sleepy webmaster.